Mobile Solutions


MSI offers innovative, cost-effective mobile solutions for issuing electronic citations and managing inspections in the field.

Our mobile ticketing solution creates accurate, legible citations that help increase collections, while saving staff time on the street and in the office. Registered owner and vehicle information is auto-populated using the CORe360 LEADS interface. Images of violations may be captured live in the field and attached to each ticket. Eliminate the cost of pre-printed ticket books with MSI’s mobile solutions.┬áInspectors and code enforcement officers benefit by managing their inspections on a computer or tablet while out in the field. With CORe360, easily add notes or comments and instantly attach photos to line items when recording inspection results.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions Offered:

  • Smartphone Ticketing
    Smartphone devices provide the ability to issue electronic tickets, record digital pictures and print a citation on a small, lightweight Bluetooth® printer. CORe360 Smartphone Ticketing supports iOS and Android phones.
  • Laptop and Tablet Computers
    CORe360 can be accessed from existing squad or code enforcement vehicle laptops, or by using an MSI compatible tablet. Reduce time and improve accuracy by implementing e-citations and e-inspections. When using a laptop or tablet, a copy of the violation or inspection results form can be printed using a portable lightweight printer.
Mobile Solutions

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